Taking Care Of Your Mind On A Daily Basis

Every day you brush your teeth, every day you wash your face. This is something you have been taught to do since a very young age and it has become a daily habit. But how much time do you spend taking care of your mind and heart? Taking some time to create a state of inner peace, to connect with your ‘source’ and to clear out blockages and stuck emotions is essential to living a harmonious and joyful life.

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Letting Go of Expectations

It can be easy for our expectations to get the better of us. What may have begun as aspirations to grow in life, transformed into unrealistic goals that burden us from happiness, flow, and presence, and we start feeling that who we are and how we live are suddenly not enough.
Once we are trapped in your expectations, our internal critic bombards us with judgments and criticism. Expectations and judgments manifest as the truth and influence our emotions and our actions. Many of us are trapped into the “expectations loop”. Keep reading to find your way out.

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Addiction, Self Love, and Being Patient with the Process

Most of you reading this might have some sort of addiction in their lives, this could be things like that is smoking, drinking, pornography, social media, watching telephone screen. But also things like seeking drama, complaining, conflicts with other people, work, stress
An addiction is a loss of control over one’s behavior.
Our addictive behaviors don’t just randomly happen; they are a symptom of a deeper issue.

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Bounce Back from Challenges Stronger and Happier

Let’s face it, whether big or small, stressful or simple, we all face challenges every day, some easier to deal with than others. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come equipped with an instruction manual to handle these challenges.

No matter how much we try to plan in advance, calculate our every move, or predict what the future will bring, we can never prepare enough for the unexpected.

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Our Life Purpose, Why Do We Live?

You are a unique being and you are born with the capacity to fulfill many beautiful purposes in your lifetimes.

The question is: how do you know your purpose? And, as your life changes, how do you reconnect with your purpose during the next chapter of your life?

As long as you are connected with your true self, the self that is free of ego, and free of judgment, of fear and anxiety, you will be able to connect with your purpose. Not from a place of mind, but from the heart. And connecting with your heart is something that we can train. Very simple and every day.

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Trading your Time, your Energy and your Life

We all make trades in life.
We trade our time. We trade our energy. We trade our attention.

Many of us move through life in constant motion, never stopping to reflect on where that motion is taking us. If it’s helping or hindering us. If the trades we are making daily are letting us live our best lives. If the trades are giving us more quality time with those we care about most. If we can turn up for them fully engaged, energized, and enthused.
Or are we turning up for them tired, distracted, and frustrated?

The trades we make in life take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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How To Follow Your Internal Compass

With a compass – any compass – one can always pause for a moment in time and figure out where you are so that you can continue. All of us must change course from time to time because what is surrounding us is constantly changing.

Beneath the obvious is an enormous lesson about independence and the ability to travel along one’s own path of life – a path which will never be a straight line, a path with many bends, hills, valleys, oceans of fog, storms, and dark forests.

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How the Negative States of Mind and Emotions Can Literally Kill You

Ever wonder why some people respond in the same destructive way over and over even though they keep getting the same bad results?

Many of us can relate to having unhealthy coping mechanisms and responses to things like stress, fear, or other agitating emotional states. Often, we are unaware of the subconscious processes going on and we may, for example, instinctively reach for an alcoholic beverage at the end of a long, hard day, never realizing we are setting ourselves for an addictive pattern that may one day claim our health, or possibly our life.

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How Deep Breathing Techniques Can Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is an important defense mechanism that protects our bodies against colds and illness. The immune system has a vital role: It protects your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you ill. It is made up of various organs, cells and proteins. Our immune system is essential for our survival. Without an immune system, our bodies would be open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more.

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Instead of fearing change, embrace progress

Change evokes a different reaction in each and every one of us. Some don’t like it at all, others actively seek it out.

Regardless of our stance – no one appreciates forced change. We fight it because we feel out of control and the unknown can be a scary place. However, what if taking control, or regaining control was just a matter of perspective?

Change is automatic

Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. We have no option other than to face it. It is up to us to make the most of it. We must decide how to react and what to do with it.

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How To Set Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Space and Energy

Setting healthy boundaries is empowering and hopefully teaches others in your life to follow suit. They too can learn to take responsibility. Just remember, it’s not your job to do it for them. Discovering ‘self-love’ really is the key to this process.

This ‘uncertain’ time has provided an opportunity to pause, reflect, and focus on the truly important things in life. Perhaps ‘social distancing’ has given us the unexpected benefit of establishing much-needed personal boundaries.

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How to be Successfully Content in Your Life

Contentment is not about overlooking pain or difficulty – it’s about opening ourselves up to the ‘here and now’ and embracing the present.

Contentment runs deep. It’s more than a moment in time – it’s a way of being. A place where we can find ‘rest’ – in both heart and mind. A sense that all is well.

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When You Can’t Seem to Love Yourself

“Simply learn to love yourself a whole lot more”
It’s much easier to love yourself when things are going well. When you’re on the up. Success breeds happiness.
So, what happens when the tides turn and life spirals in a downward flow?
Self-love and appreciation, are inevitably replaced by self-loathing, judgement and criticism.

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Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You

It can be tough…
That feeling of feeling inauthentic. Anxious. Judgmental. Not good enough. Not likable enough. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough.
The worry about what other people think about you. That worry can hinder you from pursuing your dreams.
It can stop you from expressing your true nature and stand in the way of the life you so badly want to create.

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How To Calm Down Your Monkey Mind

Imagine if you could notice these thoughts but not react to them, to not react to this monkey inside your head.
Notice each thought as it passes but try to stay present in every moment and action.
Bring control over that emotional side of your brain.

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Breath is Life Course has Subtitles!

Slowly but surely we are working on translating the courses. The Breath is Life Course is the first one that actually got its subtitles such as English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. We’re excited about this!

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Training Your Mind To See The Good In Every Situation

When you challenge yourself to always find the positives, you will grow as a person and your life will suddenly give you more and more reasons to smile and enjoy the journey. There is so much madness going on in the world today so it is really important to take a deep breath, ground yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people.

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Good Energy is Contagious

While the energy we’re allowing is priority, it’s equally important to be aware of the energy you’re giving. The things you say, the things you think, the things you do — even the things you don’t do — all produce energy that impacts you and the people around you. If you work on creating more positive energy, you’ll see improvements in your life and you’ll touch more lives than you thought possible.

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How To Relax Your Breath & Body

Breath is the most important thing in our lives because it literally gives us life!
By elevating the quality of our breath, we can enhance and expand our lives. The amount of oxygen our brain and organs receive makes a huge difference in the way they function—and, ultimately, in the way we feel. We are all about feeling great and living in the high vibrational emotions of love, joy and freedom, and our breath is one of the key tools that allow us to do just that.
Breathing properly on a philosophical level helps increase our consciousness and awareness levels and has been proven to help digestion, balance, posture, change your brainwaves and lower stress levels.

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The Gift Of Health and Happiness

Let’s get real. Christmas shopping can be hectic and stressful, not to mention hard on the finances in these uncertain times. Coming up with ideas for a unique Christmas gift can often be harder than it sounds, but there is one option that can be both personal and useful and can still be given to pretty much anyone in the world.

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How To Control Your Emotions

The ability to experience and express emotions is more important than you might realize.
As the felt response to a given situation, emotions play a key part in your reactions. When you’re in tune with them, you have access to important knowledge that helps with: Self-care, decision-making, relationship success, day-to-day interactions.

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You Are Stronger Than You Think

Most insecurities are superficial and are driven by irrational fears, but we all have moments when we could use a confidence boost and power up in a positive way that will make us feel more empowered and ready for anything.

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The Power Within You

The power that is within each of us is greater than anything that is in our surroundings. The power that is within each of us is greater than any circumstance of our life. The power that is within each of us is greater than our history. There are all sorts of things that we can hold as ideas that will keep us from our dreams or, instead, we can use our thoughts in the service of our dreams, instead of thwarting our dreams with thoughts that do not serve them.

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Health Starts In Your Mind

Life certainly can be overwhelming sometimes. Work, personal relationships, and countless other reasons affect our mental health in different ways. However, making strides to feel better isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. Keeping our mental well-being the main priority is so crucial in today’s hectic, fast-paced world. Let me tell you, your mental health is more important than your career, your bank balance, other people’s opinions, that event you said you would attend, your family’s wishes, etc…

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The Power of NOW

Now is merely your current existence.
I know, that’s a little weird, but consider how often we connect the current moment with something in the past or future. We do it constantly. We tend to see the present thru the lens of the past and the future. We analyze endlessly.

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How To Use Your Energy Mindfully

Right now there seems to be an over-emphasis on how ‘busy’ we should all be – that busy is better – and that if you’re not busy, there’s something wrong.
“The point is, whether we’re constantly busy or not doesn’t matter – it’s whether what we’re doing is worthwhile.”

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4 Ways to Cultivate a Meditation Practice

It’s arguable that it’s a whole lot harder than yoga asana practice.
When you’re practicing asana, your mind has plenty of sensations to occupy itself. When you sit, sensations are more subtle. It’s hard work to zero in on what’s actually going on moment to moment when it at least appears that there’s not a whole lot happening.

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Pranayama Practice for Stress and Anxiety

When it comes to coping with stress overload or anxiety, your breath is one of the best remedies there is – and it’s free!

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Slow down through Mindful Living

Living in such a fast-paced and hectic environment is affecting people’s level of awareness. Even if we have the perfect life with good friends/family who love us and have a great job – we often don’t get a chance to enjoy and appreciate what we have as we are constantly busy rushing around and striving for more.

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The Benefits of Boosting Your Immune System

Has there ever been a better time to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and take care of mind and body? In just one session of breathwork and movement, you will boost your immune system, balance the hormone system, and clear your mind.
In a matter of weeks, you can greatly transform your whole way of thinking, feeling, and acting.

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Getting the most out of your life

Living a life that is not in line with your dreams or heart, which is just about survival or living for yourself, is ‘boring’ and will lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction and emptiness.
There is an unconscious knocking on your door saying: “There is a great life waiting for you! Just step out of your old routines connect with a greater life!”.

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This is your journey

Once your journey into meditation and breathwork begins, there will be moments of joy, of connectedness and clarity. Things will start falling into place, and life will flow more easily. But there will also be moments of agitation, and frustration. Moments where you don’t understand where you are heading, where you feel overpowered by your restless mind and where you think just don’t feel the energy to continue your practice.

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Feeling the connection

A lot has changed in our world lately. The thing I miss most is the ability to hug, smile to a stranger and do yoga and qigong sessions in large groups. Nowadays it is easy to lose ourselves in watching the news, statistics, new regulations, etc. It is easy to lose our “connection” from human to human. At this time it is very important to stay connected with yourself, to stay connected with your source. Because at the source we are all connected!

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Take a moment to STOP

How often do you sit down and just be present for a moment?
We live in an age where there is A LOT of distraction. Our attention and our thoughts are always in either the future or the past. Yet one of life’s sharpest paradoxes is that the brightest future will be created by your ability to pay attention to the present.

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For anyone seeking to live a healthy, sustainable life, one vital habit is self-care

Self-care is not just about getting a massage from time to time or going on vacation.
Self-care is a practice and it needs to happen daily, just like brushing your teeth! Every day take some time every day to take care of mind and heart as well. You can only give what you have. So if you have inner peace, kindness and connection within, you can share that with others also.  If you take care of yourself, you are able to take care of others better.

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Everything that you are looking for is already within you

Your state of mind and state of heart determines how you experience your life. There are some very simple, yet powerful techniques to clear mind and heart and experience inner peace and joy in life.
You have the ability to rewire your brain and rewrite your purpose. Bring the mind and body in optimum condition to better your life.

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The power of gratitude as a miracle medicine

Your state of mind determines how you experience your life. You know that right? When you feel sad, you can be in the most beautiful place in the world, but you will only experience your sadness and not the beauty of the place. Or, when you feel in peace and connected with your ‘source’, you can be in the most stressful situation, but you can keep that inner-peace, calmness, and focus and oversee the situation.

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Knowledge is for sharing

Knowledge is for sharing, and not for business. Because true richness is in how much one can share, and not in how much one possesses.
The goal of the Life Awareness project is to share the knowledge to take care of mind and body with everyone. Especially in this time, it is crucial that people learn how to take care of their mind and body and we offer you the techniques to do this.

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Life is all about habit patterns

Life is about habitual patterns. The way you act, feel and think are patterns deeply rooted into your life. Do your habitual actions, feelings and thoughts serve you? Do they make you fulfilled, happy and healthy? You have the power to change them. You have a great power within to create your life and live in line with what you really feel is the right life to live for you.

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Supercharge mind & body through breathing

Heal, relax and energize.

With your breath you can tap into all the systems in the body to open up, energize, detoxify and strengthen. In this article I will discuss the physical benefits of deep breathing and explore the most important of all: how breath is the voice of your soul and realizes the essence of what you are.

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