Bounce Back from Challenges Stronger and Happier

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all very well and that abundance, love and light are flowing through your lives as we speak.
Today I want to share some thoughts about dealing with challenges that we face in life.
Whether big or small, stressful or simple, we all face challenges. And life doesn’t come equipped with an instruction manual to handle these challenges. We have to find our own ways. As much as some might try to create a life without hardships and challenges, they simply are a part of life. And they should be because every challenge in our life is a chance to grow.

No matter how much we try to plan in advance, calculate our every move, or predict what the future will bring, we will always have to find a way to deal peacefully with the unexpected.

We all face setbacks at some point along life’s journey, and learning to bounce back is what really gives our spiritual strength.

What gives me strength

Letting go brings abundance

Sometimes letting go is the absolute hardest thing to do. But when we hold on too tight, we leave no room for the light to get through. Learning not to force things, opens up the possibility of a peaceful flow in life where meaning, success and happiness come easy.

Believing in love will lift your soul

Believe that there are people in your life who love and believe in you. Believe that you are love, and that your soul has a limitless capacity to give and receive love. How does the simple act of believing make you feel? Worthy. Infinite. Content. Express compassion and gentility toward yourself, and to others, and you will open up to the possibilities life has to offer.

Gratitude will bring light in the darkest of places

Experiencing gratitude in simplicity changes everything. Each day our yoga is to embody positivity, in every situation. Let go of what does not serve you to let abundance in. Believe in your strength to overcome. Be grateful.

And don’t forget to breathe.

May abundance, inner peace, love and light keep flowing into your life.