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Become a LIFE AWARENESS Breathwork Instructor & coach

Become a certified LIFE AWARENESS™
Breathwork Instructor

4 Weeks of transformation

Are you ready to take your breathing practice to the next level? In this extensive 4-week training program you will learn all the tools to become a certified breathwork instructor and coach. Not only will you get a profound understanding of breathwork knowledge, anatomy and teaching and you will also learn to BE A GREAT COACH AND TEACHER.

As a breathwork instructor, you are not only sharing techniques and technical knowledge, it is also your attention, your ‘vibe’, and state of mind that you are sharing. It is my strong belief that, to become a good instructor, you have to become what you teach. So in the 4 weeks you will be doing the course, you will also greatly work on doing the breathing and meditation techniques yourself.

mindfulness and meditation course

Share knowledge & transform lives

Who is this breathwork teacher training course for?

  • Experienced breathwork students and practitioners that want to share this knowledge
  • People that have done the ‘Breath is Life’ breathwork course
  • Yoga and meditation teachers
  • Therapists
  • Life coaches
  • Sport/ fitness instructors
  • Naturopaths
  • Healers
  • Anyone who wants to help others to clear heart & mind and to live healthily

What you will learn in this course:

  • Become a certified Life Awareness Project Breathwork Instructor that can start teaching and guiding others right away
  • Be able to guide private and group sessions safely and responsibly
  • Deepen your knowledge about breathwork and pranayama
  • Learn how to get clients and students and start generating an income through teaching
  • Learn the techniques to live a healthy and fulfilled life as a teacher

What will I be able to do after completing this course?

After completing the breathwork Instructor course you will have learned all the techniques to safely guide and instruct others into profound, healing, and therapeutic breathwork sessions.  You will be able to help people with stress management, sleep disorders, anxiety, digestive problems, and many more mental and physical health issues.

You will be able to teach and guide others in the following settings:

  • Online and Offline breathwork sessions: Learn how to teach groups,  private sessions, and workshops, both in real life and online
  • Private Sessions: You will learn how to do 1 on 1 breathing sessions and guide people that struggle with stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, digestive problems, clearing ones mind, becoming more focused, realizing ones ‘true Self’.
    The session you will give can be done offline or online.
  • Group Sessions: Guide groups at local yoga studios, sports venues or even in the park.  You will learn how to create the right atmosphere and environment to create a safe & profound breathwork experience.  You will receive an email template that you can send to local studios in your area so you can arrange your first breathwork sessions and can start teaching right away.
  • Workshops: You can create a breathing workshop in which you will teach about the techniques and be able to create an inspiring lecture and breathwork experience.

“Learn the key elements of breathwork to: inspire, connect, support and heal”

Breathwork teacher training overview. What you will learn.

Becoming a truthful and inspiring teacher

  • How to live a healthy and energetic life yourself?
  • What are your abilities and limitations as a guider/ teacher?
  • Live what you teach to truly inspire others
  • How to create profound, yet safe, experiences for your students/ clients
  • During the 4 week course you will do daily journaling assignments and breathwork sessions to enhance your personal development

The Science of Breathing and breath-holding

  • Basic & advanced anatomy and physiology of breathwork
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
  • Human Stress Response
  • The Bohr Effect
  • Effects of Hyperventilation & Hypoventilation
14 Breathing & Pranayama exercises
  • ChidShakti pranayama | energy & consciousness awakening breathing
  • Yogic breathing | full body breathing
  • Anulom vilom pranayama | alternate nostril breathing
  • Shodhana pranayama | energy channel purification breath
  • Kapalbhati pranayama | skull cleansing breath
  • Bhastrika pranayama | breath of fire
  • Energy Awakening Spinal Breath | kundalini awakening breath
  • Ujjayi pranayama | victorious breath
  • Kaki Mudra pranayama | crow’s beak breath
  • Pranava pranayama  | universal energy breathing
  • Bahya pranayama | expelling breath
  • Bhramari pranayama | bees breath
  • Udgeeth pranayama | chanting of Ohm
  • Bhandas | energy locks
pranayama and breathwork course

The business side of teaching and coaching

  • How to get new students
  • Reach out and create a following on SM
  • Pricing of your sessions
  • How to plan your sessions
  • Technical details on how to create online & offline sessions
  • Client management
  • Scheduling your sessions
  • Online and offline teaching

Learn to guide profound and life-changing breathwork sessions

! Prerequisites !

Before doing this course one must have:

  • completed and understood all the material of the ‘Breath Is Life’ breathwork & meditation course (during this 4-week instructor course you will take time to learn deeper about the techniques)
  • an honest and truthful desire to share this knowledge and not only use it for business purposes
  • a strong commitment for the coming 4 weeks to spend 2 x 50 minutes a day to learn more about the techniques and to become a great teacher

Course material


7.5 hours on-demand HD video, accessible any time, anywhere. You will have “lifetime” access to all the course material.

Live Q&A sessions

5 live group sessions with Michaël Bijker and Q&A sessions to get a better understanding of all the techniques that are being taught, and how to be an inspiring teacher.

Lifetime access

Learn these wonderful breathing techniques at your own pace, you will have a lifetime access to this course, so take your time.


After completing the Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor course, you will be fully licensed to offer Life Awareness breathwork classes live and online.

The complete Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor course is now offered for only:


€299,99  (approx. US$365)

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What people say about Michaël's courses

Sjeka Groves
"Thank you for your open and welcoming perspective on meditation. I am enjoying your style of instruction. As a longtime practitioner and instructor myself, I always look forward to new learning experiences. Your energy and guidance are wonderful!"
Debbie Tudor
"Much more than I expected! The Binaural Beats in the meditations are fantastic. Worth the price of the course alone just for that but that’s just a bonus. The course is thorough, thoughtful, well planned and well delivered. I’m looking forward to the great changes continuing in my life. This course is an answer to prayer!"
Robert Cooper
"This is an excellent Course. Michael leads you through the process of learning meditation giving advice followed by guided sessions. I very highly recommend this Course."
Jason Goike
"This is an outstanding course with a very practical approach. The video, audio and teaching is top notch. I really liked how the meditation sessions are sprinkled between the lectures. I also appreciated that the meditation sessions start immediately without a bunch of theory and history."
LoVetta Jenkins
"Absolutely wonderful learning experience!"
Peter Binny
"Exactly what I was looking for. Works for me 100%. Thank you Michaël Bijker"
Mick Clune
"Michael's delivery style is just perfect, unhurried and very relaxing. The quality of the additional resources is outstanding and I will be referring back to this course regularly for inspiration. Deep thanks Michael for a very stimulating and thought provoking course."

About the teacher:

Michaël Bijker is the founder of the Life Awareness Project and teaches Breath work, Yoga, QiGong and mind training techniques. He has been studying meditation and the workings of the mind since the age of 14 and has traveled around the world to get a deeper understanding about these techniques. Michaël has a very accessible and clear way of teaching these profound techniques and has been helping a great number of people around the world and continues to dedicate his life for the benefit of mankind.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the prerequisites to join the course?

To join the 4-week breathwork Instructor course one must have:

  • completed and understood all the material of the ‘Breath Is Life’ breathwork & meditation course. (Click here for the link) during this 4-week instructor course you will take time to learn deeper about the techniques)
  • an honest and truthful desire to share this knowledge and not only use it for business purposes
  • a strong commitment for the coming 4 weeks to spend 2 x 40 minutes a day to learn more about the techniques and to become a great teacher

Q: How much time will I need per day to do the course

In this 4-week course it is not only the goal to be knowledgable in the facts scientific facts and know-how of breathwork, but also to BE a good teacher by developing your own practice and get clear what your true goal is in life and what could be blocking you from reaching this.

So, besides watching and studying the pre-recorded lectures, you will also have to do daily breathwork sessions (either guided sessions or by yourself), and make daily journaling assignments. This will take around 2 x 50 minutes of your day, depending on the session you want to do.

The course takes 4-weeks and consists of the following elements you will have to do every day, in your own time at your own pace:

  • Watch/ study the pre-recorded video lectures and written lectures. (5 – 20 minutes per lecture)
  • Daily journaling assignment for the morning and evening (this will take about 5-10 minutes per session)
  • Doing a breathwork session by yourself or do one of the guided sessions that are included in the course. (30 – 50 minutes per session)

Also, there will be live Q&A sessions. If you somehow cannot join them, you can watch a recording of the session. There will be:

  • 1 live welcoming video session with an explanation and a short meditation to set your intention for your path to become a great teacher.
  • 4 Live video sessions with Q&A of around 60 minutes every Saturday during the 4 week course at 16:00 (London time)

Q: I can't make the live sessions, can I still do the course?

It can happen that you cannot join some of the Live Q&A sessions for whatever reason. It is off course best to join them, however, if you can’t join the live session it is still possible to watch it afterwards as well. All students will get exclusive access to all recorded material.

Q: When will the Live sessions take place?

During the 4-week course, there will be 5 live sessions on every Saturday at 16:00 London Time.
In case you cannot make it to the live sessions, which of course can happen, you can watch a recording of the session.

Q: Why is this course so much cheaper than other breathwork instructor/ coach courses?

It is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, not to make it a business. There are off course a lot of costs made and people have to be paid (a programmer, web designer, marketing personnel, advertisements, my own cost of living etc. ). This is what I feel is a fair price to pay for this knowledge, to have the commitment and to support our project.

Q: How do I receive a certificate of completion for this course?

In order to receive a certificate of completion, one must have done all the lectures and must pass the test at the end of the course. You will then receive an email to download your certificate!

Q: For how long will I have access to the course material?

You will have “Lifetime” access to the course material. Which means for as long as the Life Awareness Project is online which is for many more decades to come 🙂