Life Awareness 7 Day Essentials course

Welcome to the Essentials course

​Great to see you want to invest time in healthy, and peaceful state of being. In this 7-day course you will learn the essential techniques of the Life Awareness Project to train mind and body and create a better life for yourself and others.
Be persistent in your practice, dedicate your time for true inner transformation that will make your life better.

What you will learn in this course: 

  • Create a habit pattern to take care of mind and body, every day
  • A powerful sequence of movement, breathwork and meditation
  • A deeper understanding of mind and emotions and how to work with them
  • Use the power of mind and emotions to create a better life

For the coming 7 days: 

  • Commit yourself to do 2 sessions a day! You will see the change after 7 days
  • During the day, do everything with a bit more awareness
  • Eat healthy & moderate. Eat fresh, plant-based, non-processed food.
  • Finish your showering sessions with cold shower of 20 seconds to increase the blood flow, boost immune system and increase stamina and will power.
  • Everything you give you will receive back manifold, try it out these 7 days.

General rules for this course

  • Do the sessions every day for the coming 7 days
  • Don’t do the practices on a full stomach.
  • Do not force yourself too much, do ​not strain anything. If you feel any discomfort, take it more easy or stop and relax.
  • Don’t do the stronger exercises if you suffer from HBP, epilepsy, serious heart problems, if you are pregnant, if you had an operation in the head or torso recently etc. Either do the practice very gently or not at all.
  • Stay kind towards yourself and be patient in your practice.