'Awakening' - Meditation and mind training course

General rules for the ‘Awakening’ meditation & mind training course

  • This course is created to be done in a chronological manner (Start with lecture 1, then 2, then 3, 4 etc.)
  • Do a meditation/ breathing session everyday
  • Don’t do the practices on a full stomach.
  • Before doing a breathing/ meditation session you can do some gentle movements and stretches to have the mind, and all systems in the body opened up. You can find a simple 5 minute warmup session in Part 1.

Tips for healthy living during the course

  • Eat moderate, fresh, healthy, plant based, non-processed food.
  • During the day, implement what you have learned in the sessions. Learn to observe mind and emotional system with awareness, kindness and patience
  • Finish your showering sessions with cold shower of 20 seconds to increase the blood flow, boost immune system and increase stamina and will power.
  • Remember that: Everything you give, you will receive back manyfold.