Feeling the connection

A lot has changed in our world lately. The thing I miss most is the ability to hug, smile to a stranger and do yoga and qigong sessions in large groups. Nowadays it is easy to lose ourselves in watching the news, statistics, new regulations, etc. It is easy to lose our “connection” from human to human. At this time it is very important to stay connected with yourself, to stay connected with your source. Because at the source we are all connected!
Yoga and QiGong (gentle moving and breathing) practices are wonderful to connect us with the moment and with our body. It is not only great for our physical and mental health, but it also helps us to peel off layers of tension, trauma, and feeling stuck and to connect us with our “True Self”. They help us to quiet our minds and listen to our hearts and focus on optimal alignment for more effective energy flow within and around the body.
Yoga gets us in our bodies, makes us strong and vibrant, moves our blood and breath, and aligns our bodies to be able to receive and build energy. QiGong helps us to receive, move, and create energetic connections.

QiGong poses: Sweeping arms – Shooting arrows – Opening to the sun – QiGong stance

Through the movements of QiGong, your muscles and joints go through ranges that can open up (if your body is rigid and stiff), or maintain your muscular and joint health by the beneficial movement of those joints and muscles.
The sequence of movement creates blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and joints allowing them to heal and strengthen as they should.
Effortless strength is allowing energy to flow easily through the muscles which will create strength that is comfortable and flowing.
The idea is, instead of fighting, create strength; you allow the strength that is already there to come forth. I hope you can take time to learn some of these techniques

Upcoming Breathwork Teacher Course

There are still some places available for the upcoming online Breathwork Instructor/ Teacher Course starting the 28th of September. Take a look at the link below for more information about this transformative course.