How To Use Your Energy Mindfully

Brahmacharya – The Right Use Of Energy

This leads us to consider how we actually use and direct our energy.
Right now there seems to be an over-emphasis on how ‘busy’ we should all be – that busy is better – and that if you’re not busy, there’s something wrong.
“The point is, whether we’re constantly busy or not doesn’t matter – it’s whether what we’re doing is worthwhile.”
Filling our schedule with as much as we can, may seem impressive on the outside, but when it comes to how this makes us feel on the inside, it doesn’t leave much space to breathe.
Brahmacharya encourages the right use of energy, so if your energy levels are flagging at the moment, consider whether your daily tasks are draining you of your vitality.
Could you find a way to take a few moments a day to just stop and breathe and find a little peace?
This ability to slow down will not only allow your body and mind to take a much-needed break, but you’ll be much more aware of how you’ve been using your energy that day.

“Let your life-energy be directed in a way that leads to

true fulfillment and self-realization”

Listen to your body!

Think about where you’re directing your energy – is it helpful or hurtful?
Be aware of how you feel physically and energetically when you’re in certain situations – do some people drag your energy down?
Do others make you light up?
Is there something you love doing that really gives you a boost?
Whatever your day-to-day schedule includes, become aware of not just what you do, but how you do it, and how it affects you.
By becoming aware of how our bodies and minds respond to certain situations, we can begin to cultivate a life that does serve us, and that does make the best use of our energy.
By contemplating Brahmacharya within our every-day actions, we can take our yoga practice off the mat and into our lives and allow it to serve us at all times….

In order to be the best version of ourselves and to use our energy in the right way, we need first of all to listen to what our bodies need. After all, to be able to spread our message to the world and really make the most of what we learn from our yoga practice, we need to have enough energy within ourselves.