'Life Design' - Manifestation Course

Tap into the true power of mind and heart to awaken your full potential

Awaken your full potential and manifest and wonderful life

Create a beautiful life for yourself and others

A complete mind & body training program to tap into the power of mind & heart

Learn the techniques to strengthen and open up the body and mind, to become more focused, to use the mind and breath to heal yourself and to become aware that you are part of something much greater than yourself.

  • Train mind and body
  • Cleanse and open heart & mind
  • Create focus and harmony within
  • Connect with your higher Self
  • Learn to use your manifesting and creative power
  • Realize your life-goals
  • Channel your time, attention and energy to make it a reality
  • Tap into your ability to manifest reality by using the power of heart and mind

Instead of giving more “stuff”, why not give a present that will bring health and happiness to those you love the most? Helping them feel healthy is the best gift you can give

“You are both a creator and observer. Learn to master these qualities and create a beautiful life for yourself and others.”

Your state of mind and heart determines how you perceive your reality, what you choose in life and the situations you create for yourself . There is such a tremendous, God given power within you. Your mind is the most powerful tool to create a magnificent life for yourself and others.

Feeling restless or unfulfilled?
When we are in a constant state of stress and negativity it’s hard to step back and realise how much it is actually effecting our being. All these tensions and negative emotions obstruct our mind and heart and will eventually project onto our lives.

Clean, energise and harmonise heart and mind
In this course you learn the powerful techniques to clean, energise and harmonise heart and mind, and tap into the power of the mind to use it in the best possible way. Cultivate peace, richness and wisdom. Manifest a meaningful life and create a beautiful world for yourself and others.

“Real change in this world starts from within.”

Training mind & body through movement and breathing

In the “Life Design Course” you will learn how to use the most important tool with which you  perceive and create your life: your mind. During the course you will experience how breathwork, mind training and meditation will change your mind and change your life!

The course consists of 3 parts starting at the fundamentals of meditation: being present and feeling inner peace. Slowly progressing to help you tap into the power of manifesting your reality.

  • Part 1: The Power of the Mind
  • Part 2: Energize and Cleanse Mind & Heart
  • Part 3: The Power to Create

Course material

In this course you will learn several breathing techniques:

  • Energy Awakening Spinal Breath
  • Ocean breath
  • Cleansing of the heart breath
  • Energy rising breath
  • Third eye opening breath

You will learn several physical exercises to open up and strengthen mind and body.

  • The 5 Tibetan rites
  • 5 minute opening up and cleansing practice
  • Yoga asana sessions
  • QiGong movement practice

You will learn several meditation techniques like:

  • Creating acceptance and connection with the Now
  • Cleansing of the heart
  • Focus and clearing the mind
  • Ho’oponopono. A Hawaiian cleansing technique to reset and cleanse the emotional system and mind
  • Generating gratitude and forgiveness
  • Tapping into the power of manifestation
  • Projecting awareness
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Benefits you will gain from this course

Boost immune system
Boost immune system
Brain empowerment & better focus
Brain empowerment & better focus
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Relieves stress, anxiety & depression
Boost energy
Boost energy levels
Heal mind & body
Find purpose and fulfillment

Who this course is for?

  • People who believe there is more potential in their mind that they are currently not utilizing
  • People that understand that the mind is the most powerful thing you can train 
  • People that understand that clearing mind and heart is the base of everything

This course contains:


Access to over 40 online lectures and guided breathwork and mind training sessions (over 9 hours of HD video material) accessible anywhere at anytime.


Choose from several physical exercise videos to open up, strengthen and prepare the body for the breathing practices.

Lifetime access

Learn these wonderful mind trainig and breathing techniques at your own pace, you will have a lifetime access to this course, so take your time.

Printable work sheets

Handy printable worksheets for daily routines, schedules and tips.

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Set your own price starting from €29,99

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What course participants say

Haris Azrab
"Absolutely fabulous course. All breathing exercises are well paved out. Really great material. Completely astonished by your time and effort you put in this course. Amazing and mesmerizing as well."
A. M.
"It is the perfect combination of breathing techniques, physical exercises and above all the wisdom about life and our connection to ourselves and the world around us. At the moment and with this whole virus situation, I am even happier to dive into this course and come out with a much better attitude towards my body and my mindset. I highly recommend this course with this wise man and wonderful teacher!"
Susan Conklin
"All of Michael’s courses are outstanding and professionally done. He inspires me to continue my personal journey of self awakening and conscious expansion. Michael I would love to see a detail course about raising your kundalini, chakra clearing and balancing."
Audrey Dugan
"I have been going through a very difficult time in my life and I knew I needed to connect to a Peace source. I looked for Yoga breathing on YouTube that would help me face this challenging period. I found many - but once I found Mr. Bijker's channel and all his videos on breathing techniques I knew Mr. Bijker was my choice because of his approach, his knowledge, his energy, and overall vibrational focus. "
Harmke Gerritsma
"I already took several courses with teacher Michaël Bijker. Everytime he inspires me, and doing his courses makes me feel more confident, happy and energized. It helps me to understand my own life better and see things in a different perspective, and brings me peace of mind and understanding. I really hope I can continue my practice with him with doing more of his courses in the future."