'Awakening' - Complete online mediation course

The art of meditation and mastery of the mind

In this online meditation course you will learn the techniques to develop mastery of mind,  clear the emotional system and create balance in all aspects of life.

Meditation has countless proven health benefits for both mind and body. However, meditation is much more that just a technique to stay healthy, it is a way to develop lasting inner peace, a heightened state of awareness to understand the workings of the mind and reality and above all; to know your True Self.
Learn the techniques to work with the subtler levels of the self and learn to tap into a `higher state` of being and create a beautiful life for yourself and others.

” Everything the heart longs for is already within”

Where does happiness, contentment and inner peace happen?

Where do all these good qualities happen? They happen within your mind and heart. That is where you experience them.  So learn to work with it from within then. The Awakening meditation course is a complete meditation course in which you will get a deep understanding about the workings of your mind and emotions, how to deal with it in daily life and how to take the awareness deep within to realize your higher Self.

What you will learn in this meditation course:

  • To calm and focus the mind through breathing and meditation
  • Practical guidelines for deep meditation sessions
  • Applying Mindfulness in daily life
  • The workings of mind and emotions
  • Practical tips to keep mind and and heart balanced
  • Yogic breathing technique to purify the mind
  • Train the mind to become clear and focused and create states of being
Learn meditation online

Meditation course material


7.5 hours on-demand HD video, accessible any time, any where
55 Lectures containing:
Breath work sessions & tutorials
Guided meditation sessions
Meditation tutorials
Practical ideas to start to take control of your life

Brain Enhancing Audio

Over 4 hours of Brain Enhancing Audio files (downloadable) to enhance your meditation practice and with guided meditations for:
Pineal gland activation
Expanding consciousness
Inner focus
Self realization

Lifetime access

Learn these wonderful meditation techniques at your own pace, you will have a lifetime access to this course, so take your time.

Certification upon completion

When you complete a this online meditation course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

This course could sell for €199,99. However, I believe these techniques are not for making money and these wonderful techniques should be available for everyone.

Price €9,99

* If you cannot afford the course we are happy to find you a solution. Write us to explain your motivation and we will get back to you with an alternative exchange proposal.

This is a bestselling meditation course on Udemy with over 3.500 students and a rating of 4.8/ 5

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are much more than keeping mind and body healthy. Regular meditation practice helps in all aspect of life and deepens ones understanding of life.

Some of the scientifically proven benefits are:

  • Stress reduction
  • Controls Anxiety. Less stress translates to less anxiety.
  • Promotes Emotional Health.
  • Enhances Self-Awareness.
  • Lengthens Attention Span.
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss.
  • Generates compassion and Kindness.
  • Helps Fight Addictions.

About the teacher:

Michaël Bijker is the founder of the Life Awareness Project and teaches Breath work, Yoga, QiGong and mind training techniques. He has been studying meditation and the workings of the mind since the age of 14 and has traveled around the world to get a deeper understanding about these techniques. Michaël has a very accessible and clear way of teaching these profound techniques and has been helping a great number of people around the world and continues to dedicate his life for the benefit of mankind.

mindfulness and meditation course

"Reconnect your life with the bigger LIFE, cut the ropes and let your life flow, carried by the great river of existence . Loose, pure and conscious, confident and secure, knowing infinity is a part of you like you are a part of infinity."

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