Online QiGong & meditation course

Deepen your knowledge about QiGong, breath work and meditation

Learn the techniques to cultivate inner peace, health and happiness

QiGong is a wonderful ancient method of movement, breathing and meditation to train mind and body and awaken your soul. In this online course you will learn the techniques to make mind and body healthy, to create balance and tranquility within and to get your mind and body in optimum condition.

QiGong is not just a physical practice, the techniques enable us to cultivate and develop our mind and subconscious and realize our “true nature” to awaken your full potential.

In this online program you will learn the techniques to work with the subtler levels of the self and learn to tap into a `higher state` of being.

“QiGong is the key to flow like water and nourish heart and soul “

Training mind & body through movement, breathing and meditation

The “Ocean of Energy” QiGong course is a course in which you will get a deep understanding about these powerful Qigong movement, breathingand mind training techniques.
The course consists of over 22 QiGong training videos in which you will learn the following techniques:

QiGong classes: Postures & Movements

  • QiGong stance/ Horse stance
  • Making waves/ Grounding
  • Separating heaven & earth
  • Turtle breathing/ Spinal breathing
  • Rising sun/ Whole body breathing
  • Pushing out from the heart center
  • Shooting bow & arrow
  • Pushing breath, moving Qi
  • Pulling down the heavens
  • Circulating the energy/ Heavenly circuit

Breathing & Meditation

  • Spinal breathing
  • Buddhist & Taoist breathing
  • Snake breathing
  • Cosmic breathing
  • Root energy lock
  • 6 sounds Healing QiGong
  • Standing meditations
  • Guided Meditation sessions

QiGong Theory

  • Taoism
  • What is energy?
  • History of QiGong
Learn QiGong

An online QiGong course at your own pace

This course is both for those who have already practiced QiGong for some time and want to deepen your understanding about these wonderful techniques. (For some this course might take 4 or 12 weeks, you can take as long as you want, you can take as long as is needed)

Learn the practices to become master of mind and body and  that you can start doing by yourself to create a solid foundation for your physical and spiritual well being.

Online QiGong course materials

  • Learn 15 QiGong movements
  • 5 Breathing techniques
  • 3 Meditation techniques
  • Access to over 20 online (8 hours ) QiGong movement, breath work and meditation instruction videos and sessions.
  • Guided meditation session
  • Lifetime access to all online QiGong classes and course material.

This course could sell for €199,99. However, I believe QiGong is not for making money and these wonderful techniques should be available for everyone.

* If you cannot afford the course we are happy to find you a solution. Write us to explain your motivation and we will get back to you with an alternative exchange proposal.

"Reconnect your life with the bigger LIFE, cut the ropes and let your life flow, carried by the great river of existence . Loose, pure and conscious, confident and secure, knowing infinity is a part of you like you are a part of infinity."

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