Setting your priorities straight

What is most important for you and how much time and effort do you invest in this?

I speak to many people wanting change in their lives but finding it too hard to spend 45 minutes a day into making that change happen. They would easily spend 1 hour a day getting entertained with watching silly videos or would happily spend 50€ on a night out drinking or going for a diner or buying a sweater, but spending 50€ on an 8 week course to develop health and happiness is too much.

What is truly important for you in your life and how much time, effort and money do you put into that? Take a little moment to take the test below and set your priorities straight.


Checklist for setting your priorities straight:

Choose 3 things in your life where is most of your time and life energy go to. For each subject ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is it beneficial for mental/physical well being?
2. Does it give a feeling of deeper, long term contentment?
3. Is it harmful for yourself and others?

Make a list of 3 things you want to put more of your time, money and energy into and remind yourself every now and then to do so. In daily life keep asking yourself the 3 questions to stay in line with your priorities.

May all be healthy and  know real peace and happiness!