Take a moment to STOP

Have you heard about the STOP method? It is an absolutely wonderful way to train yourself to stay present, focused and relaxed. It is as follows:

Stop ✋  whatever you are doing

Take some deep breaths 🌬️

Observe and connect with the moment 🌞  what can you see, feel, hear?

Proceed 🙌  with whatever you were doing with more presence and connection

How often do you sit down and just be present for a moment?
We live in an age where there is A LOT of distraction. Our attention and our thoughts are always in either the future or the past. Yet one of life’s sharpest paradoxes is that the brightest future will be created by your ability to pay attention to the present.
Now I would highly recommend you to, whenever you are at home, outside, waiting for the bus, in the shopping mall or wherever, to take a little moment to stop, look around, and just stay there for a minute. Just a couple of breaths.
… Breathe in and breathe out …
Pay attention to how it made you feel after doing this. Did you feel that it got you back in present?

Proper breathing is the foundation of
healthy living

Proper, calm and slow breathing from the belly helps to center your awareness in your body, rather than in your head so that you feel more physically and energetically grounded. It helps you to relax your neck, shoulders and arms.
It improves the circulation of blood and the flow of chi in your internal organs. Belly breathing provides a wonderful massage for your internal organs.
As you breathe, make both your inhales and exhales smooth and full, without strain. When your exhale is full, your next inhale will naturally and smoothly arise by itself. Conversely, if your last exhale is shallow and not full, your next inhale will not come smoothly.
Your breath is the most powerful tool you have to train, tame and calm your mind and nervous system. Learn to use it.

Breathwork Instructor course

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