What you can do

We believe true change comes from within, but we can help one and other to achieve this. We are very grateful if you can help to support this project. You can do one of the following:

Develop your Self

If you want to make this world a better place, start with enlightening your own soul. Off course we also have to give, be kind, love. This is a must, but how can you be loving, kind and generous if your own mind is full of tension and you are unhealthy?  Work on your mind&body and loving kindness will become your nature….

Spread the word

Help to get more people to invest time in becoming free and conscious. You can spread and like posts on social media, tell friends and family about us.
You can help us by liking us and sharing some of our posts on Facebook or other social media.

Give a course

What better gift than the tools to become strong, happy and healthy? Support the Life Awareness Project by giving a course to someone and give them the ability to make true changes in their lives.

“May peace and blessings be in the minds and hearts of mankind.
May we all become fully realised, conscious beings… “

"Reconnect your life with the bigger LIFE, cut the ropes and let your life flow, carried by the great river of existence . Loose, pure and conscious, confident and secure, knowing infinity is a part of you like you are a part of infinity."

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