When You Can't Seem to Love Yourself

You’ll be amazed at what you attract when you start believing in what you deserve

“Simply learn to love yourself a whole lot more”

It’s much easier to love yourself when things are going well. When you’re on the up. Success breeds happiness.
So, what happens when the tides turn and life spirals in a downward flow?
Self-love and appreciation, are inevitably replaced by self-loathing, judgement and criticism.
The trick is to not judge! Whether you ‘are on top’ or you are feeling down, YOU JUST ARE. You are alive! Develop acceptance and kindness towards yourself. Every feeling and every emotion is part of the fluctuation and creation of being alive. Once you stop feeling so attached to your feelings and understand it is a part of a creative flow that happens within you, suddenly a deep state of inner peace and acceptance is being developed.

Building solid self-esteem is crucial!

And it won’t happen overnight…

It’s a process.
One step at a time.
If we don’t recognize our own self-worth, it’s impossible to change our emotions in an instant. It’s all about taking positive steps towards a new way of thinking.
One compassionate thought towards yourself at a time.
One self-loving meditation at a time.
One day at a time where we do our best to change how we feel about ourselves.

Replace love with ACCEPTANCE

“I am enough”

There will be moments when self-love is difficult to find. It’s at these times that acceptance, seeking inner peace with our imperfections, will create freedom.
Insecurities and dislike arise from dissatisfaction – your glass will mostly seem half empty.
Low self-esteem generates a lack of emotion and that self-esteem is intrinsically tied to self-worth. In whatever state of mind, you are ‘enough’.

“I am enough”

Remind yourself, whatever the situation, that you are enough. You are already accepted by Life, this Creation, Great Spirit, God. Otherwise, you would not exist. You are exactly what you need to be and where you need to be in your life.

“I am enough”
Three powerful words that will help boost your self-respect and restore your sense of true

Simply remind yourself of this every day, starting now and for the rest of your life!
And just watch how your self-love blooms.

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