Yoga Classes Sagres

More than just a yoga class, it´s an experience.

Yoga Classes Sagres

Group, private or beach yoga classes and sessions in Sagres for a gentle Hatha yoga class in which you will deepen your connection between mind and body. Join a class to realize more a deeper sense of being, connecting with our “True nature”.

Drop-In Yoga classes

Yoga classes will be held in the memmo Baleeira hotel in Sagres (Vila do Bispo area).
The duration of the class is 75 minutes. The sessions will be a combination of different styles like Iyengar, Shivananda hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and mindfulness.

1 July – 15 September
Daily drop-in classes 8:30 am

Thursday – Friday – Saturday  : Michaël Bijker
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday : Giulia Taiocchi

15 September – 31 December
Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday  6:00 pm

Price : 10 € per yoga class  (5€ for residents and locals)
Location: Memmo hotel Sagres
Sitio da baleeira
Sagres , Portugal

No need to book in advance. We have a yoga mat and pillow for you 🙂

Yoga classes Algarve

Private Yoga classes

You can also book a private class for more personal guidance and  teaching to meet your own needs and preferences.  Great for those that want to learn specific poses to work on mind and body or for those that want to deepen their practice. Private sessions can be done inside or on the beach.

Please click the following link to request availability for a yoga session with Michaël Bijker or Harmke Gerritsma.
Price: 45€ per session

Yoga Sagres

Yoga & Surf packages

In the summer months July – August -September there will be daily yoga classes in Sagres at 18:00. Then after breakfast you can join the Freeride surf school for some surf lessons in one of the great beaches around Sagres and Vila do Bispo.

yoga algarve beach
Surf & Yoga package Just Surfing Just Yoga
Non – Guests 65 € 60 € 10 €
Hotel Guests 55 € 50 € 10 €

What´s included? ​
* 1 Day surf lesson ( approx. 3 hours)
* transport to the beach
* surfboard & wetsuit
​* 1 yoga class (approx. 75 min )* Yoga mat
* Professional yoga teachings by certified and passionate yoga teacher

Michaël Bijker

portugal yoga

Michaël is a passionate yoga teacher that has developed his own way of teaching over the years. He teaches yoga in the style of Iyengar yoga, Shivananda Hatha yoga and integrates many mindfulness exercises in his sessions combined with QiGong. Michaël is a certified 800hr YA teacher with a yoga therapy certification from the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science & Research in Indore, India.

Harmke Gerritsma

Yoga Algarve Harmke

Harmke is a wonderful inspiring yoga teacher with uplifting and deepening yoga classes. She is from the Netherlands and has a great passion for teaching yoga and meditation. During the classes she will take you on a wonderful yoga adventure.
Harmke is a certified 500hr YA teacher with yoga therapy certification from the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science & Research in Indore, India.

Giulia Taiocchi

After she travelled to India, Giulia moved to Sagres where she feels the surroundings help her to take consciousness of this cast natural space called Universe, and conceive Yoga as a way of living. Practicing on a daily basis helps her to understand body and energy, to increase confidence, creativity and joy of life. With her calm and focused enthusiasm she shares this wonderful journey with her students.

Giulia is 200h Yoga Alliance certified and focuses on Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

The Location

Sagres is a small fishing village next to Vila do Bispo in the South West of the Algarve, Portugal. The yoga school or yoga center in Sagres just 30 min from Lagos where he yoga classes will be held in either the Memmo Balleeira hotel or on one of the beaches around Sagres.

The hotel has got a large yoga room with a great ocean view ( when available) and is a beautiful place to relax, train mind & body and to deepen your yoga practice.

We hope to see you here!

The great benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga classes tune, strengthen and balance the mind and body and helps you to shape up, get more flexible, chill out, having a more flexible and strong healthy body and mind.
  • Improves muscular structure, posture, flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Significantly reduce stress and tension
  • Boosts concentration and creativity
  • Burns excessive fat
  • Yoga Improves blood circulation
  • Yoga Boosts the immune system
  • Yoga classes help create a deep sense of well being, peace and contentment.

For more information about yoga classes in Vila do Bispo or yoga classes in Sagres, please feel free to contact us.

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"Reconnect your life with the bigger LIFE, cut the ropes and let your life flow, carried by the great river of existence . Loose, pure and conscious, confident and secure, knowing infinity is a part of you like you are a part of infinity."

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